Diary of a Graphene semiconductors employee:

11.30 am: Meeting with a client, fiery exchange of ideas with their requirements uppermost in the brainstorming. My manager had 4 things to say, 3 were my ideas, and he seemed happy to put them forth. Feeling proud!!

1.30 pm: team lunch: Varun’s birthday, so Boss took us for lunch to an Italian speciality place. Great Tira Misu.

3.45 pm: team meeting- had a relaxed exchange of ideas, this client is critical, and we needto give our best, Boss says. Heshares with the team that I am building up a trust factor with the client…proud again, … Respect…, here is a team lead who is not afraid to give credit.

Boss also tells us about the referrals I have earned this time.

5.00 pm: call with project team, things smooth, client is “stoked”!!

7.00 om time for weekly gathering at The Pub!!. Almost everyone attends, and we relax after an intense, hectic week

Looking for a working day that sounds like this?

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A technology career that combines continues learning, exciting customer interaction, fulfilling deliveries and the chance to be where innovative technologies create market differentiators- if this is your idea of a great engineering career, Graphene Semiconductors is the place for you.We offer a world class work environment that encourages the skills you bring to add value to our client’s business, and of course, industry standard remuneration goes with it.

At Graphene, we constantly recognise performances and award them in various ways- and each of those make our team stronger and even better than before. And with every win, there is a celebration, which is why for engineers who work with us, the party never ends. Every day you go home with the pride of having contributed to a larger solution thus driving personal satisfaction.

A continuous learning environment that provides ground for constant learning is the biggest reason that keeps our highly skilled engineers constantly motivated and rearing to go for higher challenges. Are you ready for them?

We need you if you are:

ATE Test Engineers

  • Experience in Advantest 93K or Teradyne Eagle or Flex
  • Strong software skills in C and C++
  • Must have Semiconductor testing knowledge
  • Should have very good experience in test development and debug

Physical Design

  • 3- 10 yrs
  • Tools: Synopsys IC compiler, Magma or Cadence SOC encounter physical design tools
  • Synthesis, Floor Planning, Power Plan, Integrated Package and Floorplan design, Place and Route, Clock Planning and Clock Tree Synthesis, Timing Closure, STA, Physical Verification (DRC, ERC, LVS)
  • Technologies: 65nm, 40nm, 28nm& below

Embedded C & AutoSAR

  • 5 + years of experience in embedded automotive real-time software engineering
  • Experienced with AUTOSAR 3.x/4.x architecture,COM Stack
  • C Programming,Microcontrollers (8,16,32bit)

SSD Storage Firmware Development

  • 4 – 8 yrs
  • Python and embedded C
  • Familiar with PCIe,SCSI,SAS,SATA,iSCSI

Python Automation Engineer

  • 4 – 8 yrs
  • Automation framework/test scripts development in python
  • Hands on experience on storage devices

IP/SOC Verification

  • 3 – 10 yrs
  • HVLs/Tools: SV, C,ARM,OVM/UVM
  • Domain: Networking, DDR2/3/4, Ethernet/ PCIe/Graphics


  • 4 – 10 yrs
  • Tools: Mentor DfT tools, Cadence RC and simulator tools
  • Experience in Scan Insertion, TestKompression, ATPG, Memory BIST and JTAG at IC –level for mixed signal designs

Standard Cell Layout

  • 3 – 8 yrs
  • Hands-on experience layout of digital ASICs in leading edge CMOS processes 28nm, 20nm
  • Tools: Cadence (preferably 6.1* Open Access version), Cadence VXL, Mentor Graphics Calibre verification suite, Calibre RVE

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